What Is The Turkish Embassy’s Emergency Visa Procedure?

With the recent closure of Turkey’s United States Embassy and the transferring of US citizens to the Turkish Embassy in Washington D.C., this time you might need emergency visa or eVisa for Turkey, which is not a simple process but a complicated one. This article will help you get through it in time!

What is an Emergency Visa for Turkey?

If you are a national of Turkey and face an emergency situation outside of your home country, you may be able to apply for an Emergency Visa for Turkey. Embassy emergency visas are granted to nationals of countries that have diplomatic relations with Turkey if they can show that they face an imminent threat to their life or safety. The embassy will review your situation and decide whether you qualify for the visa. You must carry proof of your identity, your citizenship, and your reasons for traveling to Turkey with you when you apply for the visa.

How to Apply for a Turkish Emergency Visa

If you need to travel to Turkey for an emergency and do not have a valid visa, the Turkish Embassy in your home country has a procedure for granting you a temporary visa.

To apply for a Turkish emergency visa, you must first submit an application to the Turkish Embassy in your home country. The application should include:

-Your passport information

-A copy of your travel itinerary

-Proof of your citizenship or resident status in your home country

-A letter from your doctor or hospital stating that you are ill and will require medical care while in Turkey

-A copy of the ticket or airline reservation you will be using to enter Turkey

-Two passport photos (2”x2”)

After submitting your application, the Turkish Embassy will contact you to schedule an appointment. At the appointment, you will need to provide:

-Your passport

-Your application form eVisa for Turkey

-Your doctor’s or hospital’s letter

-The original ticket or airline reservation for your trip to Turkey

If everything is in order, the Turkish Embassy may issue you a temporary visa that will allow you to enter Turkey and stay for up to

Security Procedures of the Turkish Embassy

The Turkish Embassy in Washington, D.C. follows a rigorous emergency visa procedure to ensure the safety of its visitors and employees. Visitors who need emergency visas should first contact the Turkish Embassy for information on how to proceed.

If you need an emergency visa to enter Turkey, you must submit an application at the Turkish Embassy in Washington, D.C. The application process is detailed and requires several documents, including a valid passport, Travel Document (if applicable), and duly completed visa application form. If you are a citizen of a country that is not listed on the visa-free list, you will also need to provide proof of onward travel and sufficient funds for your stay in Turkey. Please note that the Embassy does not issue tourist visas or visit visas; only emergency visas are issued.


If you are a Turkish citizen and you need to visit the embassy for any reason, be aware of the Embassy’s emergency visa procedure. This means that if you have an urgent matter that requires your attention and you cannot wait until your visa appointment date has come up, you will need to apply for an emergency visa in advance. Keep in mind that this process can take some time, so be prepared to wait at the embassy or apply online. If all goes well and your application is approved, be sure to arrive at the embassy on time so that your visa can be processed as soon as possible.

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