Visa Requirements for US Green Card Holders and Bulgarian Citizens planning to move to Canada

Every year thousands of Bulgarians and Americans move to Canada, looking to start a new life in one of the nicest countries in the world. This guide will help you understand the visa requirements for US Green Card Holders and Bulgarian Citizens planning to move to Canada. The article also includes helpful tips on moving from Bulgaria to Canada, or from the United States to Canada; each country has its own unique regulations about moving abroad, so make sure you know exactly what you need to do.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for Canadian Permanent Residency through immigration, you must meet a set of criteria. The basic requirement is that you must have at least 1 year of continuous physical presence in Canada in order to apply. Additional requirements vary depending on your situation but are designed to screen out individuals who might be more likely to remain dependent on social services and generally less economically productive than others. For instance, if you had a recent history of receiving social assistance payments or have been involved with other forms of public assistance in Canada or another country, your application will not be accepted because officials would view it as a sign that you are not likely financially self-sufficient once in Canada.

How Do I Qualify?

Canadian Visa for US Green Card Holders and Bulgarian Citizens! How do I qualify?

What Else Do I Need?

Moving from one country to another is an expensive undertaking. Between relocation fees, shipping costs, employment fees, and more, there are plenty of ways a move can burn through your savings. Luckily, it’s possible to apply for Canadian citizenship without having to spend much money at all. Getting your permanent residence card will require you to take two trips across the border: one for you and one for an interview. At $160 USD per person each way if you cross by car or $275 if you cross by plane (per round trip), getting these stamps in your passport will add up—but that’s it! Once your application has been accepted, you’ll be able to live as a resident in Canada with few other costs involved.

The Application Process

As a Canadian Visa for Bulgarian Citizens you are required to submit a visa application, fee payment receipt, travel document (if applicable), proof of financial means, and medical certificate. As a US Green Card Holder, you have only one document, a Notice of Action from Immigration Canada. The first step in getting a Canadian Visa is submitting an online form found on the Canadian immigration’s website (see below). After applying online, you must submit your documents by mail. For your convenience, we have listed all the necessary information about how to apply for a Canadian Visa below

What is the Time Frame?

Depending on whether you’re a citizen of Bulgaria or a green card holder from America, your wait could be anywhere from 6 months to 3 years. Bulgarians can enter Canada without any paperwork as soon as they arrive in Montreal. The only thing you’ll need is a Canadian bank account that you can use until you are able to apply for Canadian government benefits. However, once you do file your application and receive your first payment, make sure that it is deposited directly into your new Canadian bank account so that Social Security will recognize it as proof of residency in Quebec. On average, it takes 6 months to complete all of these steps once they have been initiated.

Once in Canada, what are my Rights?

You have rights under Canadian law from when you arrive in Canada as a permanent resident. These rights help you find work, access health care, send your children to school, and more. Find out more about these rights here: Rights and responsibilities of Permanent Residents After landing in Canada

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