How To Apply For A Turkish Visa Online (Step By Step Guide)

In this article, we will show you how to apply for a Turkish visa online. Whether you are traveling to Turkey for business, pleasure, or education, getting a visa is an important step in planning your trip. We will walk you through the entire process, starting with the most common types of visas and ending with the steps necessary to apply online. Turkey Visa Online Application

What is a Turkish Visa?

Turkish visas are required by citizens of countries that are members of the European Union (EU) or the Schengen Area. Nationals of other countries must obtain a visa before traveling to Turkey.

To apply for a Turkish visa online, follow these steps:

  1. Create an account with Turkish Visa Online Services (TVOS). TVOS is a government-run website that enables citizens from member states of the EU and the Schengen Area to apply for visas online.
  2. Complete the required application form. The form can be found on TVOS’s website under “Visa Applications” or on the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs website under “Passport & Visa Applications” ( If you are applying for a visa to visit family or friends in Turkey, you do not need to complete an application form; all you need is your passport and visa photo.
  3. Upload your passport photo and application fee payment information (in Euros). You will also be required to provide contact information, such as your name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address. You will receive an e-mail notification once your application has been processed and a link to download your visa stamp card(s). If applicable, you will also be advised about any additional documents needed for your visa application process, such as a health certificate or vaccination records.
  4. Wait for your visa approval letter! Turkey Visa Application

How to Apply for a Turkish Visa Online

If you are planning to travel to Turkey, the first step is to gather all of the relevant information. This includes your passport photo, the visa type you will be applying for, and your visa application form. Once you have gathered all of this information, you can begin the online application process.

To begin the online application process, visit the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs website and select “Visa Applications” from the main menu. On this page, you will be able to find all of the necessary information about applying for a Turkish visa. You will need to provide your full name as it appears on your passport, date of birth, passport number, and country of citizenship. Next, you will need to upload your passport photo and complete the online application form. Finally, pay the applicable fees using either a credit card or bank transfer.

Once you have completed the online application process, you will receive an email notification that your application has been received by Turkish authorities. If everything is in order, your visa should be approved within a few weeks. However, please note that processing times may vary depending on how busy Turkish embassies and consulates are at any given time. In any case, do not hesitate to contact Turkish embassy or consulate if you have any questions or concerns about your visa application status.

Important Information About Turkey Visas

If you are planning to visit Turkey, please read the following information before applying for a Turkish visa online.

  1. The visa application window opens on the first Monday of every month and closes at 12:00 midnight on the following Sunday.
  2. All applicants must have their passport valid for six months after your intended date of departure from Turkey.
  3. You will need to print out your visa application form and complete it in full, including your passport photo. Make sure to attach all required documents (see below).
  4. Submit your application via the website or by post to the Turkish embassy/consulate nearest you (check here for a list). Note that only electronic applications will be accepted from now on! Incomplete or illegible applications will not be processed.
  5. Your application may take up to two weeks to be processed, so keep an eye on your email inbox! If you do not receive a response within two weeks, please contact the embassy/consulate directly (+90 312 565 07 00) and provide them with your full name, passport number, date of birth, nationality and email address where you received the rejection notice. They may have sent you an automated response instead of a human being.

As this is a very important process, we advise you to research all of the requirements in advance before applying for a Turkish visa online! In particular, please make sure that you have all of the following:

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